D fOOdiE AwaKens!!!

Disclaimer: A warning to all those who are suffering from dangerous diseases like diabetes and blood pressure. Reading and re-reading this post might prove fatal for them contributing to even death😉


It so happened that I got a chance to visit a Gulf Country this summer to spend my vacation. Needless to say about the wanderer I am, it was a delicious experience for my taste buds, never missing a chance to revamp themselves with luscious foods. These yummy treats were hard to pronounce of-course, that I missed out many other dishes only becuase of their names. Somehow I manged to showcase the three most exotic favourites of mine. So thought of taking you all through the same exquisite journey and do taste em all for I got you some😛 (just visual treats)


GENRE: Desert served hot.

People don’t confuse it with Kunfaaya , because that’s what I read before. Lol. Whatever. It is a three layered delight with saffron colored vermicelli at the top layer. A super- cheesy crust at the bottom with an anonymous layer of something in the middle. The powdered pistachio and walnut toppings leveraged the taste to another level.

A virtual KUNAFA!! Taste it😛

I entered into heaven, while eating it. As if a juicy-cheesy-chewy-honey filled appetizing eatable had filled my entire mouth. The color itself is very seducing FYI. Sweet-toothed friends and foes just control your feelings as of now.

If you loved seeing it as much as I did, do try it for here is the recipe and send me the samples😉  IT is a diabetic threat though.

      2. MAJBOOS:

GENRE: Mixed rice.

This belongs to the briyani family perhaps. Less spicy-light-more colorful and definitely super-delicious. Briyani fans (Myself one too) do taste it once for sure. As far as Majboos is concerned, it’s aroma is sufficient to kill a person. The mild spiced non-veg that is added along, is simply destructive. A suitable synonym for this dish would be silent assassin. 

Briyani’s little brother!!

I call it Briyani’s little BRO. It came with a tomato and potato kinda curry for its combination. On the whole they were an explosive combo. Should try making it someday with some additional help.


GENRE: Breads, Savory .

First I thought it is dried spinach that had been sprinkled on a pizza base. I refused to eat. Then GOOGLE told me that is a herb out of which spices are made in Middle East. The taste was like a new flavor of Pizza sans cheese. The taste is quite mysterious and hard to explain.

Yumma-li-cious …

For its recipe click here. Sad I never managed to click any of the original pictures of these delicacies while I was consuming it. Because I was so damn busy relishing it that I din’t want to miss out those memorable moments😉

P.S. This is my first date with food on my blog!! Hope your mouth watered and stomach burned.

P.P.S. Thanks ReXXavi for making it possible:) I know its delayed a bit!! But yayy I finished it ending my procrastination !!!

first-look (3)



Disclaimer: This post is not a review of the movie. Just a viewpoint🙂

It is highly unusual of me to finish an assignment 24 hours prior to the actual submission date. Unfortunately today I have😜 and watched the much hyped KABALI starring Super Star🌟 in Delhi that too. I am not a fan of Thalaivar, though his films like Padayappa and Sivaji the Boss are my all time favorites. Unlike his other movies which were a combo of entertainment and drama, this movie turns out to be an astonishment. It’s just 100% of pure class. 2 Hours and 33 Minutes of pure Rajinimania.


This is the best of Rajinikanth you will ever get to watch. No wonder he is the unbeatable SUPER STAR of the film industry, the film is already smashing the collection records of all other Bollywood movies on the opening day itself. A role in which he fitted perfectly, to his age. No long duet songs with the female lead. No forceful jokes. Less supernatural effects. Precise and powerful dialogs (there is bit of uncertainty in the dubbed versions though.I just found it to be of less impact) To wrap it up in a sentence it’s just a story of a gangster presented in an EPIC way.

Neruppu Da worked quite well in getting goosebumps for its audience. SaNa simply nailed it. I did miss the home crowd today, thanks to our gang which filled up the void, helping me in keeping up the ambiance of the theater pumped up, when the classic scenes popped up. Needless to mention the Wonder Woman who stole our hearts with her performance(the lady don of course). Also the star cast of the movie, played their parts perfectly, though none of them is as popular as Rajinikanth.

I call her the Wonder Woman

Guess I am revealing too much now. It’s a great treat for fans, who might have watched over 3-4 shows by now. Leaking scenes of the movie online or pirating it; none of it really made a big difference. Kabali continues its reign the BO. No wonder if, the numbers reach the sky in the upcoming weeks.

People around the world are flaunting up saying it’s not much. I may not be much, but it’s still Rajnikanth🕴 He continues to rule, no matter how old he be. His style is invincible. Kabali remains his best performance after Padayappa and Sivaji the Boss. The ending still remains a big question mark and it’s buzzing in my brains since afternoon!! Happy that my first movie in Delhi was super awesome!!

Cheers to everyone who loved it #magizhchi #neruppudaw #kabali 

P.S. This is the shortest post of mine so far!!

P.P.S. I seriously can’t reveal more😛


✨MAGIC is Might✨

  Eight movies, seven books, four houses, three friends, two sides and one destiny. A story that popped up in the mind of a struggling writer during her train journey. A single mother who transformed to a billionaire author. An imaginary world which made us believe in magic. Hope your mind has registered the theme by now 😜

The world of witchcraft and wizardry came alive with Joanne Kathleen Rowling’s Harry Potter series. He was indeed the boy who lived and still lives. As for us(90’s kids) we almost grew up along with him.

The magical SAGA!!

In all the series so far it’s the hero who has super powers and talented in every aspect, and villains are only hungry for power alone. But the uniqueness of this magical series lies in it’s choice of villain. Here we have Tom Marvolo Riddle a.k.a. Lord Voldemort, a highly qualified talented wizard who turns a baddie boasting his dark arts abilities. The maven till date remains a super villain amongst the very many fantasies I’ve come across. Young Tom was a chocolate boy during his school days, but the bloke lost his nose and got a snake like look in the later part of the novel. Adding so many feathers in the villain’s hat, JRo contrarily chose a young not-so-handsome misfit wizard as the protagonist. 

Battle of the Best!!

The Sorting Hat’s decision to put Harry into Slytherin just slipped away in the split of a second taking Harry’s own choice into consideration. But what if it did do that? A golden trio of Harry, Draco and Pansy. A powerful Slytherin quidditch team. Everyone hailing Slytherin and dumping off Gryffindor. Harry and Voldemort strengthening the connection between them and increasing their followers. Again the one question that remains hypothetical would be Snape’s attitude towards Harry. Better eye contacts. Definitely the degree of shrewdness would have gone mild and we would have missed few hilarious conversations. 

Imagine Draco and Pansy😂
Throughout the series we witnessed the death of many characters who played a vital role . Sirius, Albus, Dobby, Severus, Fred and Lupin all of them left us mourning. Despite the sentiment, the death of Tom was grieved the most I assume, neatly wrapping up the entire plot , fixing up the entire jig saw puzzle of the prophecy, the Chosen One, twin wands and horcruxes. The unbelievable twist, Snape gave us in the last part made him a hero. 

A discussion with few Potterheads gave me insights on how an alternative ending could have been. Ron willingly helps Peter as Scabbers; when Voldemort brings Harry’s body to Hogwarts after the battle, Ron becomes the first one to declare his allegiance to him. Harry agonised on hearing this, jumps back to life cursing Ron to death. Voldemort is defeated and Harry lives happily with Hermione, marrying her(ending Ginny’s quest). Another one went like Harry and Voldemort both of them dying together with their wands destroyed. Neville killing Nagini and claiming The Chosen One title in the end. No doubt that JRo’s ending still remains the best. 

Boys, if you still want more reasons to like Harry Potter, I suggest you watch the movies and just concentrate on Emma Watson😍

P. S. This post is a magical compilation of ideas proposed by few wizards and witches. Muggles , welcome to our world!! 🌟✨Magic is Might✨🌟


Warcraft – Review 

GENRE: Fantasy                                                 

   To be very frank this was not the movie we had planned to watch at all. Unfortunately there was a kid in our lot and the movie we wanted to watch was not for all the audiences. So for that particular time only WarCraft was left for us to go. Another reason we watched it was for IMAX 😉. This is my first ever movie review.All criticisms are welcome. Coming to the movie now. If you have ever watched Harry Potter series, Lord of the Rings trilogy, Chronicles of Narnia, Baahubali or Game of Thrones TV series, I would not recommend you to watch this movie because you won’t find anything interesting or new. However if you have never seen any of them listed before, then Warcraft(3D preferred )will be a real treat for you. The movie revolves around two different worlds who fight for the same destiny. One of those worlds is that of Homo sapiens and the other world is an imaginary one. There are good people on the bad side and bad people on the good side as well. The movie is a fair combo of different elements of fantasy. It would have been better though, if there was a major twist had occurred somewhere. A predictable tale throughout ,though the climax went a bit unexpected. I still feel there will be more to watch in the sequel(if there is one) because the plot was left incomplete. It was highly packed with action, animation and few good looking characters. Small kids might get frightened seeing the muscles of old Gul’dan, the badass. It took a long time to conclude , on which side exactly, the guardian Medivh’s loyalty rested. And there was one phenomenal scene which I have never witnessed in any movie so far. The queen was in full make up, beaming with pride on the King’s funeral(trust me she showed no signs of remorse). I bet she has a new husband coming up in Warcraft-2 😛 last scene was my personal favourite and exceptionally adorable 😊 Cant reveal why coz you gotta watch it 😛On the whole Warcraft gets a 2.25/5.

Maleficent horns removed from beasty Vikram in the movie ‘I’

# 5 Who’s NEXT???

The story so far…

#1 A Haunted Memory

#2 Three Strokes of Red

#3 The Red Saree

#4 Black Heart


From here my story starts…


The absurd painting with three red strokes was lingering in Prakash’s subconscious mind. Lissy dead. Mary dead. Annie missing or in better words Annie also dead. He woke up stressed. It was seven minutes past 12 noon. He had spent the night before searching for Annie. But there was no clue of her.

‘Catherine must tell me more about both the paintings.’

He dressed up hastily and left for the art exhibit. While driving, the only scene that was playing in his mind was the painting joke from actor Kaarthi’s latest movie ‘Thozha’.


‘The world likes random strokes of a lunatic and calls it a masterpiece, paying millions for it. 12 Lakhs for just 3 strokes. ‘

Dumping that thought away he drove faster into the parking area beside the exhibit.

‘Maybe Annie is the third stroke! ’, he ran inside the hall and stood near Lissy’s painting. Catherine was not there.

The security guard walked in and gave him an envelope.

‘She told me to deliver it’, and he departed.

The next is your dearest ROSE. Come at once to the place where you met your first Rose before. Seek her alive.

It was the same handwriting. Prakash didn’t want to lose Annie at any cost. For he knew the haunted place which the killer mentioned. It was just one end of a deserted tunnel near an old mansion. He had met Lissy there for the first time, 10 years ago when he accidentally knocked her off with his bike.

He reached the place in 45 minutes. There was a familiar silhouette at the end of the tunnel. Prakash went closer to get a better view. It was a woman. He had held out his revolver in case he needed it. But the woman standing ahead was walking away him now. Her face was crystal clear in the light.

The W.O.M.A.N.

A ray of joy erupted inside Prakash. For the woman was none other than his beloved Annie. He ran as fast as he could to hug his love, for her absence had made him mad. At once he wrapped her in his arms and suddenly there was a feeling of excruciating pain from his abdomen. Blood was flowing profusely when he touched his belly.

He pushed Annie away and there was a bloody dagger in her hand. There were tears in Prakash’s eyes now. The love of his life had just, sweetly murdered him. Gravity pulled him, and he lay helplessly now.

He saw Annie for one last time with his blurred vision. She grinned, perhaps too happy on her achievement.

A man with a majestic style of walk came along and stood behind Annie.

‘Know who the third stroke is, you fool?’ he said with a laugh.

Prakash recognized him instantly, making no mistake this time.

‘Noel’, he said breathing his last….


The main pieces of the unsolved puzzle were still missing!!!

Who was the third stroke?

Where was Catherine? Was she alive or dead or a ghost??

There was only one person alive who knew some real part of the story, and was passing his time inside a prison now. Sarvesh the crackpot. But who would believe him???


Lakshmi continues the story now and you can read it here


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Beyond MARKS……

Sheetal Scribbles

Dear parents,

One by one all the educational boards across the country are shooting out results of higher secondary examinations and, it’s a stressful matter to cope up with because it’s you who freak out rather than your kids. In some boards achieving 95% might not suffice, whereas in others getting 75% itself is a mammoth task.The mad race for marks continues in our country even though, everyone knows that the people who changed the world were not toppers at school. For those who do not make to the expectations of their peers: This is not the end!!!

Exams are a wrong way to judge a person’s capabilities (not for all but for most of them). The one who comes first in class doesn’t come first in life too.

And one exam cannot decide your child’s future.  Marks are insufficient criteria to justify the latent talent in a student. The world looks up…

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My First FACEBOOK Friend!!

Guess it was the month of June, when I returned from my gran’s place after a short vacation celebrating the end of my Class 12 board examinations. I simply couldn’t bear the pain caused by my dad who had created a Facebook account before me!! We had moved to a different part of the country after my Class 10 board exams, so creating a Facebook account was a good way to keep in touch with all the good souls whose phone numbers I forgot to procure. (This is almost 7 years ago, so back then smartphones weren’t much popular in our circles)

My mom always believed that having a Facebook account was a ‘SIN’. She always refrained me from staying out of it for my well-being. I had grown tired of mailing and calling my friends back in my previous school. The most common question I was subjected to was,’ Why aren’t you on Facebook?’

fb blog 2
A diificult question back then..

For I was about to start my college in few weeks and I felt almost illiterate, whenever I blurted out the truth that I was not a Facebook-er. So this was the end!!

Exactly the night, after my dad’s arrival on Facebook, I was creating an account for myself, and the world of Mark Zuckerberg welcomed me!! It looked awesometastic!!!

Now I had to search my friends and send then ‘Friend Requests’ to have further fun on this social networking site. Like a flash all the names were moving in my mind but the first name that struck me was of a guy who shared a seat with me throughout Class 6. We were three musketeers who shared a seat those days. He was a very special one to me, as we were the invincible THREE who had immeasurable fun that year. We had equal SHARE in everything be it punishments (the wrath of our Hindi Mam was the worst) or occupying the same space on the desk, the maths we had for food (1 parantha == 2 idlis) and eating it up in the first hour itself, the class test answers of course😉 (He used to help in Maths, me in English and Social Studies and the other one in Hindi and Punjabi). They introduced me to the new genre of Cricket and Cars. There were many memorable moments we had spent together that year. They too were among the good souls whose phone numbers I didn’t have as we were in different sections later.

His pic appeared the moment I typed his name (though he had put on considerable weight in his dp), and I sent him my first friend request and a second later a notification appeared that my request was accepted by him. Another second later a message came popping up in my desktop screen.

fb blog 3
#1  F.R.I.E.N.D.

‘Hello Madam, finally you are on fb’, my first Facebook friend had just sent me my first Facebook message. The second musketeer also accepted my request in a few minutes and we had a good conversation that night after 6 years. The former was an amateur cricketer during school. We had relied heavy hopes on him, that he would surely become a world-class cricketer. To everyone’s surprise he proved his mettle by getting into an IIT, a reward he received for sacrificing two years of cricket.

Our chats were limited after the beginning of college days. Occasionally, we would find time to chat on Facebook. He got into his IIT’s cricket team and was on tour ever since then. One night in June 2015 we started a conversation at 8 PM and wrapped it up at 1 AM. Guess it was my longest record of chat. I had mentioned him in one of my blogs and he was delighted to read it. Even our shortest chats always ended in brutal trolls. Friendship was at its peak with him.

A few months later in October, I was reading newspaper when my eye caught an article with the title, “2 IITians drowned in beach.” My eyes glanced into the article to read further. The IIT mentioned in the title was the same one in which he was studying. I prayed hard that it shouldn’t be his name. For the probability was minimal that it would be him. In the first line I saw the words ‘aerospace engineering’ and ‘final year’. Both matched perfectly for him. Again I convinced myself that it wouldn’t be him. But the next line gave me the biggest shock of my life. I saw his name😥 he had drowned the day before. My heart skipped a beat for the first time. I checked Facebook for any news about him. But it was only the next day that newspaper clippings carrying his photo were posted in our school alumni group and everyone was expressing their condolences. The remorse feeling never left me.

A day doesn’t pass by, without his memory popping into my head. For I had lost my best-est friend forever. The second musketeer felt the same too, he told me on my birthday. For my timeline was missing his birthday wish. No more long Facebook chats now. No more trolling. All that’s left of him is a Facebook timeline carrying a ‘Remembering’ header before his name.


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