The fulfilling experience…

It was the fifth day of our NSS camp when we decided to educate some kids from government schools with basics of computers and MS Word. The kids we chose were studying class nine in a government school from Kunnam , a sleepy little village in Sriperumbudur ,Kanchipuram district. Accompanying them in the bus travel I had a chat with many and  noticed they were in high spirits. There was a rare sparkle in their eyes and a promising smile on their faces. Most of them said that they had never seen a desktop in their lives before. So we had start things from the scratch. We entered our college’s computer lab and made them settle down. Initially we instructed them how to hold and drag a mouse. I took charge of two girls who were very keen to learn. I had to hold their hand which was swaying away on a mouse whose cursor was aimlessly drifting on the screen. To fix the cursor in a stationary point it took us a few minutes. Then I had to explain them the meaning of a ‘click’ as I noticed one of my students was scrolling the page relentlessly. It’s the rarest thing I had ever encountered in my life. The feel was almost the same as teaching a kid how to hold a pencil and make them write the alphabets during the beginning of their school life. Earlier I had experience of teaching kids only atomicity, maths and English, so I was a novice in this task. My students had become well versed in handling a mouse now as we successfully traversed the START button to All Programs and then finally MS Word. A blank white page was now in front of us. The first task at hand was to type their names. I watched them passionately searching for the alphabets in the keyboard and type their names with joy. They keenly watched the meticulous magic of formatting effects on their names. Never in my life before, had I seen children with such high levels of grasping power. Three hours flew away like anything, and every person in the lab, from the students to their instructors (we) had thoroughly enjoyed every moment of both teaching and learning. It was time to wind up and we had a small feedback session. A girl among the little crowd stood up and said that she never dreamt of even touching a computer in her life. Her words were ringing again and again in my ears. All of them thanked us for being so patient in handling them. I had an accomplished feeling as if I had achieved a great feat in my life. The main aim of education is not only acquiring it, but also to impart it to those who are in dire need of it. The satisfaction I had cannot match up with any fruitful thing I had done before, in the past. I made it a point to continue this in future, helping all the underprivileged ones in the society, the least I can do to spark a change.

Curiosity rekindled..
Curiosity rekindled..
My students!!!
My students!!!

18 thoughts on “The fulfilling experience…

  1. Very nice experience to teach kids who haven’t seen a PC and hopefully you enjoyed also. Keep up the good work Sheetal!!! I am sure those students will not forget you.

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  2. Teaching is very noble profession. having passion for it is highly appreciable. i wish Almighty bless you with more strength and opportunities to acquire and give out to others. vsraj

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  3. Congrats Sheetal dear!! You have the potential to be a very good blogger..Keep on going..My best wishes and prayers are always with you..I would be very happy to see you as the most successful girl…All the best!!

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