Beyond MARKS……

Dear parents,

One by one all the educational boards across the country are shooting out results of higher secondary examinations and, it’s a stressful matter to cope up with because it’s you who freak out rather than your kids. In some boards achieving 95% might not suffice, whereas in others getting 75% itself is a mammoth task.The mad race for marks continues in our country even though, everyone knows that the people who changed the world were not toppers at school. For those who do not make to the expectations of their peers: This is not the end!!!

Exams are a wrong way to judge a person’s capabilities (not for all but for most of them). The one who comes first in class doesn’t come first in life too.

And one exam cannot decide your child’s future.  Marks are insufficient criteria to justify the latent talent in a student. The world looks up to you for your talent not for your marks!!! These mere figures never really contribute to the number of digits in your salaries. One of our school toppers those days, whom I expected to be a scientist, is a fashion model now. Our school’s Sachin Tendulkar is now in IIT-Kharagpur. You never know where life takes diversions, but it’s all for good.

The grave mistake most of the parents do is they ‘COMPARE’.Comparisons are always drawn with the best ideal students in the circles. This lets their kids down and discourages them whenever they try to come up on their own. Medicine and engineering are not the only professions to cope up with for a respectable position in the society. Everyone doesn’t conjure the same talent. What a child is gifted with, maybe someone else may not have. If a child is not extraordinary, be happy that he or she is exceptionally ordinary!!

There's a life beyond exams and marks..
There’s a life beyond exams and marks..

Dear children,

Be socially active (not restricting to social networking sites alone). Try to learn rather than study. Live as if you have to die tomorrow ,and learn as though it is forever. Grow up naturally and learn to be self-dependent. Learn to be passionate at what you think is right for you, rather than following the beaten path again and again. Don’t waste time by repairing your past or constructing the future. Live the present. There are no big teachers in the world other than experience and failures. Smart people learn from their mistakes and fools repeat them. Remember none of the great men from Albert Einstein to Bill Gates had a successful story in school and college. But now the whole world looks back at them.

Discover and explore yourself. Reveal the hidden personality in you. Some people meet their destinies early and some reach it just a few decades later.  Enjoy every minute, every second so that you don’t regret later.  Dream big and work to reach for it.


26 thoughts on “Beyond MARKS……

  1. Hi, sheetal, this is the first time i got a chance to read your blog 🙂
    You threw light on a key topic which parents and students are facing these days. Felt good reading your insights. 🙂
    Keep scribbling more 😀
    God bless you.

    Ashish (Once your classmate :P)

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  2. Very well written.wish our system was less hard on the kids.the rat race kills their spirit, their creativity and their will too in some cases. The time to have fun and soak up learning from all sources is focused on a singular objective of making it in some sought after professional college.really feel for the kids…

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  3. Wise words indeed… I hope this blog reaches out to as many as possible… 😀

    Life is too short to feel less of your self.. Take Every struggle as a lesson..!
    Marks will just stay on a piece of paper but your personality and experiences will depict how learned you are 🙂

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