Women in Technology

All of us are familiar with the Father of Computers-Charles Babbage. Not all of us know who the Mother of Internet is. It’s Radia Perlman the software engineer, who is famous for the invention of spanning tree protocol. Spanning-tree is a network protocol that ensures a loop-free topology for any bridged Ethernet local area network which is fundamental to the operation of network bridges. It has got loads to do with the present day computer networks.

Lady Ada Lovelace – a programming maven gained recognition for translating Luigi Menabrea’s memoir on Charles Babbage’s analytical engine. Her notes were considered to be the first algorithm intended to be processed by a machine, making Ada the world’s first computer programmer. To commemorate her achievements the computer language ADA was named after her by the Department of Defence in 1980.

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Lady Ada Lovelace

ENIAC one of the world’s earliest computers were programmed by six women at machine level during World War II. Another path breaking innovation came in the programming world with the arrival of a new programming language called COBOL (Common Business Oriented Language). It was invented by Navy Rear Admiral Grace Hopper way back in 1958.


Admiral Grace Hopper

A beauty with brains-Hedy Lamarr, played a key role in the invention of spread-spectrum technology by conceptualizing the idea of frequency hopping. It served as a base to many modern technologies like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and CDMA.

With the advent of twenty-first century, digitization came into existence as the number of internet users increased drastically. The current era doesn’t belong to the ‘Inventions’ as it’s the age of ‘Innovations’.

Social media has scaled unprecedented heights with billions of users across the globe. Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, YouTube are the frequent words in use which will soon enter dictionaries. We do know that most of these giants were founded by famous men. Our knowledge about the women holding top positions in technological giants is very much limited. Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook is one of the first women to be in Facebook’s board. She is also the author of the bestseller book ‘Lean In’.


The author of Lean In

Ursula Burns joined Xerox Corporations only as an intern after finishing her polytechnic degree. She was then offered a job in the same firm and currently she is the Chairman of Xerox. Gini Rometty too joined IBM as a systems engineer in 1981 but now, she is the first female CEO of IBM. The world’s largest video platform YouTube is also headed by a woman Susan Wojcicki. Hewlett-Packard CEO Meg Whitman was also the CEO of e-Bay for more than a decade.

HP (Hewlett-Packard) President and CEO Meg Whitman delivers a speech during the Global Influencer Summit 2012 in Shanghai, China, 10 May 2012. China is no longer an emerging market for Hewlett-Packard Inc because of its huge potential which HP will continue to tap by raising investment. HP will pump more funds in manufacturing and research in such places such as Shanghai, Beijing and west Chinas Chongqing. The company will continue its leadership in hardware on PC and printer and fully commit to China through designing products specifically for the domestic market. I dont think China is an emerging market anymore, as it has already evolved, Meg Whitman, president and CEO of the worlds No. 1 personal computer maker, said on Thursday (10 May 2012) at the HP Global Influencer Summit in Shanghai, her second visit to China within a month.

Meg Whitman

Having a glorious past with programming geeks and a promising era with leading female techies, the future is lucid and hopeful of encouraging more women to take the lead in technology. Women are not far behind men in any field, they are steadily catching up with the pace. All they need is a little empowerment, and equality to boom up their vibrant career for the betterment of humanity.


#WIE take the lead



  1. Deepak Yeleshetty · July 19, 2015

    No wonder you are the Chairperson of our Women In Engineering Affinity Group. 🙂 Got to know many facts from this. A good read. 🙂 Keep Scribbling. 😉

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  2. Sahaya Rexlin Xavier · July 19, 2015

    Very nice and different Technical writing .

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  3. Amutha V · July 22, 2015

    Nice blog with lot of new information. Good work sheetal..

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  4. Salma Ahamed · July 23, 2015

    Nice write up, tech-cutie! 😊 keep going!!
    One thing to add.. Sheryl Sandberg was initially one the very few earlier employees of google!

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