Witnessing it LIVE!!!

Sometimes life breaks silence by taking you through tumultuous times, and the way you look at things changes forever. It was a regular day, the regular sun, the regular college, the regular chats and eventually the regular evening was about to begin. I did the petite favour of accompanying my mom to the green grocers when, on my way back I noticed Ram and Shyam (who lived in our vicinity) engaged in a bitter feud. I crossed the drunken brothers to reach home. After a while I was strolling around my terrace for time pass I observed the quarrel grew louder and a new element of violence was induced in their process. A reluctant crowd had gathered around to witness the big fight and I joined along with them. In a fraction of a second raged Shyam ran into the house and returned with a dagger. Everyone thought that he was only going to threaten his elder brother with it.


The bloody wrath.

In the next second unexpectedly, he plunged the dagger into his brothers abdomen, not realised the repercussions of his act. Ram was bleeding profusely and I saw a fear gripping in his eyes: the fear of losing his life. Seeing this everyone in the crowd started running in all possible directions, dispersing quickly in a moment. I stood still, unable to overcome the shock I just got. I could hear my mom screaming to the top of her voice calling me back. I just couldn’t move. And I was the only soul left back in the scene from the crowd. Ram’s son came running towards me, held my hand, with teary eyes he told me, ‘Anna (brother) do something!! He just stabbed my dad!!’ I stood speechless and frozen. He went back to his dad who was slowly dying now and living the last few movements of his life. Meanwhile my brother came in and dragged me back home abandoning my chances of helping Ram. Trembling already, I immediately rang up the police and ambulance, the least I could do. The police arrived after half an hour and the by the time ambulance arrived Ram was almost still as dead. En route to the hospital Ram breathed his last and was declared dead. I felt shattered as my efforts to save Ram went in vain. Had I taken him on my bike, today he would have lived.murder_death_blood_sparks_24412_2560x1440

Life’s value cannot be estimated easily. Seeing a life being taken away in front of my eyes was the most disturbing thing I could ever imagine. I made it a point, that in future if I ever come across a similar situation I will step forward with my presence of mind and lend a hand, instead of running away like the herd of cowards did that day.

From the eyes of: Chris G

Disclaimer: The names of the people involved in the scene have been changed to maintain privacy.



  1. Gy Vignesh · December 28, 2015

    Typical Indian Ppl! 😐

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  2. yuvalakshmi · April 24, 2016

    excellent writing …….

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