Warcraft – Review 

GENRE: Fantasy                                                 

   To be very frank this was not the movie we had planned to watch at all. Unfortunately there was a kid in our lot and the movie we wanted to watch was not for all the audiences. So for that particular time only WarCraft was left for us to go. Another reason we watched it was for IMAX 😉. This is my first ever movie review.All criticisms are welcome. Coming to the movie now. If you have ever watched Harry Potter series, Lord of the Rings trilogy, Chronicles of Narnia, Baahubali or Game of Thrones TV series, I would not recommend you to watch this movie because you won’t find anything interesting or new. However if you have never seen any of them listed before, then Warcraft(3D preferred )will be a real treat for you. The movie revolves around two different worlds who fight for the same destiny. One of those worlds is that of Homo sapiens and the other world is an imaginary one. There are good people on the bad side and bad people on the good side as well. The movie is a fair combo of different elements of fantasy. It would have been better though, if there was a major twist had occurred somewhere. A predictable tale throughout ,though the climax went a bit unexpected. I still feel there will be more to watch in the sequel(if there is one) because the plot was left incomplete. It was highly packed with action, animation and few good looking characters. Small kids might get frightened seeing the muscles of old Gul’dan, the badass. It took a long time to conclude , on which side exactly, the guardian Medivh’s loyalty rested. And there was one phenomenal scene which I have never witnessed in any movie so far. The queen was in full make up, beaming with pride on the King’s funeral(trust me she showed no signs of remorse). I bet she has a new husband coming up in Warcraft-2 😛 last scene was my personal favourite and exceptionally adorable 😊 Cant reveal why coz you gotta watch it 😛On the whole Warcraft gets a 2.25/5.

Maleficent horns removed from beasty Vikram in the movie ‘I’


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