“How my life changed since I started writing/blogging”

 A mischievous school life. Some fun loving friends. Cool parents. Life was at its best when our protagonist was twelve. Her parents were avid readers of fiction, but she never read anything beyond fairy tales. Perhaps her interest was not reading alone. She wanted to explore the world beyond that. She loved roaming out in the corridors when classes were going. Basketball was her love, though she was not good at it. The world of writing never bothered her much. In another stint of remaining truant from class, she decided to participate in a creative writing contest. Most of her friends had come prepared for it, unlike her whose solo motive was to bunk the maths class. She chose to write a funny poem about her mother, with crazy rhyming words to pass time. Two weeks later, when the results of the contest were announced, it was a shock to everyone, especially the third prize. Because it was our protagonist who had won it. And that was how everything began.

A year later in 2006, she started contributing her writings to a children’s magazine called Gokulam, who used to send back, up to Rs. 50 for each of her contributions. The first time her article got published, a postman came to her school to deliver a small certificate and Rs. 15 to her. He could have gone away after giving it to her, but he stayed back for around 20 minutes giving her a short motivational speech. He spoke about great writers, religious texts and how writing changes many things in life for some. The spark that a stranger ignited in the kid that day, remains lit even now!!

There was no stooping after that, more laurels poured in the later years. Her essay received a commendable certificate from the editor of a leading national magazine twice. It was her dream to write a book. A lifetime wish, not to achieve fame, or earn money, but only for herself. To bring out a story, that remains evergreen, whose characters never get old, like those of Ruskin Bond or make you believe in magic like J. K. Rowling. Several attempts were made by her, to begin a book; but the conclusion was, that this was not the story her heart wanted to jolt down.

Now it was time to scribble. Just scribble random thoughts. And some peers were needed to read and enjoy her scribbles. That’s when she created her blog. It picked up really well with social media helping to get the audience for her blog. Her school teachers, college mates, school mates, family friends and relatives; everyone loves the simplistic way of her writing. Every time a blog was published, it made her more and more conscious about her audience and way of writing. She did not restrict her blogs to one particular genre, from food to travel to school life to fiction to daily inspirations.

Each blog post, is a trial run for something new and a result of small improvement from the previous piece. Now she is a part of Chennai’s biggest blogging community, which helps her to keep the blog active.

Cute appreciation from her friends and juniors, inspiring messages from teachers and uncles push her forward to bring out good quality of simple writing.

Her quest to write a book, is still on, for she will fulfil it soon!!

The ‘she’ is ‘me’ here (:

P.S. This is my entry to the Sweek contest with #ChennaiBloggersClub 


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  1. mitadaur · November 2, 2016

    Nice story Sheetal. Good to hear. Goes to show, how much appreciative words can mean to a person. I am sure, you will remember that postman for the rest of your life.

    I got to see your blog recently, So I will read more of your posts in the coming days.

    Meanwhile, I also participated in the contest. Here is my contest entry:

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