The DEMONetisation Drama

The play is set in the times subsequent to 8th November 2016, when three Shakesfear fans have been deprived of the demonetization policy which ends up in the following conversation:



Scene I  Act I:

A: How dost thou, get money from the ATM?

B: Methinks, thou hast to tarry for hours to get money…

A: Thou thinkest ’tis such an easy job? Methinks not; Mine pockets hast only ₹150 and I know not how to pass this week, without shopping and eating.

B: Fie o’ you. Me hast three ₹1000 notes 😛

A: I prithee. Thou hast money, but still thou is helpless. I give thee my patience, to stand in the long ques in front of banks to exchange old notes.

B: In sooth, take a look at my phone.


B: Me son, Z quoth, that students stood for 3 hours in front of the ATM and got nought, ‘mongst ’tis.

A: Wherein happen’d ’tis?

B: Z’s University.

Scene I  Act II:

C:  Mr.A, come hither.

A: Yes my Lord C.

C: What news thou hast for us?

A: Lord ’tis he who hast done this to thou Lord, ’tis he (pointing towards a man’s face in the front page of the newspaper)

C: Me knowest, that everyone shall suffer. Thou shalt recharge thy metro card for ₹5000, as me not knowest where to spend the old notes.

A: Bethink oneself my Lord. ₹5000 for metro card? Too much of an investment.

C: Quoth I, do.

A: Yes my Lord.

C: I shalt bethink myself, and thou hast to find new ways of spending old notes, rather than metro cards.

A: My Lord, methought, we could go to Qutub Minar. Monuments accept’d old notes for a week.

C: Let us spend the notes there, today evening.


Scene II  Act I:

A,B and C go to Qutub Minar, and exchange a ₹1000 note, after a brawl with the ticket vendor, who doesn’t agree to take in the note for only three tickets.

Ticket vendor: Buy 8 or more tickets, else give me change.

A: Sir, me hast only one ₹1000 note.

Ticket vendor: Quick you cream faced loon.

A: Tarry a bit and mind your words.

B: Mr.A, ’tis family behind thee hast five members, thou canst buy five more tickets, and get change from them.

A: Good idea my lord.

A hands over the money and buys 5 more tickets, which they sell it to the family standing behind them in the que. One ₹1000 note is spent and exchanged.

Scene III  Act I:

The same story continues even after two weeks. Money is spent for useless purposes.

A: How is thou son Z?

B: Me sends money through post to Z everyday. Z spends a lot, maketh me poor, in ’tis fiscal deficit.

A: Me hast not touch’d or seen ₹2000 note yet.

B: Thou not shout. Keep calm. Me saw one, touch’d one with me hands but dost not have one.

C comes waving a new purple coloured note.

C: Here is the first one thou art gonna touch Mr.A.

A: Thou didst it, my Lord. H’as got the swag.

C: Laziness, do not become a man.

A: Lord, me knowest, ’twas B who stood in the long ques to get cash. Thou art lazy, like me.

C: Thou art unfit for any place except but hell. Thou  DEMON!!! Thou***!!

The play ends!!!


Why Shakesfear why??


With lots and lots of errors,
A ShakesFear student ❤ 


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