About the Scribbler

This blog space is updated and managed by Sheetal  aka Sheetz, a passionate writer and reader.Here you will find a potpourri of fiction and nonfiction.She grew up touring different parts of India and recently completed her engineering course . The scribbler will be move to a new part of the country for her next venture.The author intends to write more about contemporary issues of the nonchalant society and personal thrilling experiences which will astonish the readers to a great extent.Readers feel free to send your feedback so that the forthcoming blogs live up to your interests and expectations.

P.S. I am

#1 a hardcore Potterhead (I like Newt as well 😉 )

#3 Sherlocked

#4 Foodie

#5 Drapetomani

#6 $%@%^&*@&*!^ (indicator of how clear and random my thoughts are)


Forever crazy,
Sheetz 😉


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