D fOOdie ReTurnS!!!

So the last foodie blog was on gulf food. Now we are moving to a different geographical location on the whole. From middle east of Asia to the streets of Old Delhi.

Yayyy!!!You got it right!! It’s Chandni Chowk this time. Being one of the world’s oldest and busiest markets, this place is always flooded with crazy people and yummalicious food. Your mouth simply doesn’t water. There is a water falls flowing through your mouth literally 😉

A random trip which, which led us to the world of desi junk food, lies in the a road that runs down straight from the Red Fort in Delhi-6. The only lines that rule your brains is A.R.Rahman’s ‘Yeh Dilli hai mere yaar… bas ishq mohabbat pyaar…’ (This is Delhi my friend… There is just love here..) from the movie Delhi-6.


A view of the Chandni Chowk

Coming back to the food. We started our munching process from Old Jalebi waala, a small quaint shop in one of the streets.It was definitely overcrowded for it scarce space, and I first felt that the jalebi waala had over priced the jalebis. But all that vanished off my mind when I tasted it. The following questions left me bewildered: I had no idea what magical ingredients were used; what was different in that jalebi form what I have had before; It was even less orange in colour, but that was no way linked to its taste; I could pay even more to eat that again 😛 Well I could manage to take just one pic of it, fearing someone would takeaway (or steal) my share as well.


Concentrate on the pic; not the caption 😛 

After spending some time in Lal Quila and Jama Masjid, we came for a second round of jalebis with rabri. Rabri on jalebi was like cherry on the cake.(For those who don’t know what rabri is: it is an amalgam made up of khoya)

The next on the list is la lassi. The well centrifugated- creamy sweetened milk, as shown in the below pic, literally mesmerized us. I assume the pic speaks better than my words.



Lassi like never before!

Our last stop for the day was at a chaat shop, whose name I forgot which was at one end of the main road. We were so busy eating and relishing every bite of our tikki and dahi bhalla, that by the time we thought of taking the pics, our plates were empty. The creamy curd, the sweet & sour tamarind chutney, black salt with deep fried mashed potato. I agree that this post is not descriptive, as the rest of the posts, trust me I was so busy concentrating on relishing it, that I couldn’t observe a lot. Just waiting for the next trip to get there and eat them all again!!

Yeh shahar nahi mehfill hai!! (This is not a city, but a festive gathering!!)

P.S. I am not over-exaggerating my experience. If you don’t believe me check it out yourself 😛

P.P.S. Merci Tripps, Jerry and The capital of Nagaland for this delicious trip 😉 😛


D fOOdiE AwaKens!!!

Disclaimer: A warning to all those who are suffering from dangerous diseases like diabetes and blood pressure. Reading and re-reading this post might prove fatal for them contributing to even death 😉


It so happened that I got a chance to visit a Gulf Country this summer to spend my vacation. Needless to say about the wanderer I am, it was a delicious experience for my taste buds, never missing a chance to revamp themselves with luscious foods. These yummy treats were hard to pronounce of-course, that I missed out many other dishes only becuase of their names. Somehow I manged to showcase the three most exotic favourites of mine. So thought of taking you all through the same exquisite journey and do taste em all for I got you some 😛 (just visual treats)


GENRE: Desert served hot.

People don’t confuse it with Kunfaaya , because that’s what I read before. Lol. Whatever. It is a three layered delight with saffron colored vermicelli at the top layer. A super- cheesy crust at the bottom with an anonymous layer of something in the middle. The powdered pistachio and walnut toppings leveraged the taste to another level.


A virtual KUNAFA!! Taste it 😛

I entered into heaven, while eating it. As if a juicy-cheesy-chewy-honey filled appetizing eatable had filled my entire mouth. The color itself is very seducing FYI. Sweet-toothed friends and foes just control your feelings as of now.

If you loved seeing it as much as I did, do try it for here is the recipe and send me the samples 😉  IT is a diabetic threat though.

      2. MAJBOOS:

GENRE: Mixed rice.

This belongs to the briyani family perhaps. Less spicy-light-more colorful and definitely super-delicious. Briyani fans (Myself one too) do taste it once for sure. As far as Majboos is concerned, it’s aroma is sufficient to kill a person. The mild spiced non-veg that is added along, is simply destructive. A suitable synonym for this dish would be silent assassin. 


Briyani’s little brother!!

I call it Briyani’s little BRO. It came with a tomato and potato kinda curry for its combination. On the whole they were an explosive combo. Should try making it someday with some additional help.


GENRE: Breads, Savory .

First I thought it is dried spinach that had been sprinkled on a pizza base. I refused to eat. Then GOOGLE told me that is a herb out of which spices are made in Middle East. The taste was like a new flavor of Pizza sans cheese. The taste is quite mysterious and hard to explain.


Yumma-li-cious …

For its recipe click here. Sad I never managed to click any of the original pictures of these delicacies while I was consuming it. Because I was so damn busy relishing it that I din’t want to miss out those memorable moments 😉

P.S. This is my first date with food on my blog!! Hope your mouth watered and stomach burned.

P.P.S. Thanks ReXXavi for making it possible:) I know its delayed a bit!! But yayy I finished it ending my procrastination !!!

Travel Tales 🚂 #1


The best pic that explains how you can end up with FUN-tastic people sometimes😜

Travelling consistently from a very early age ,across many states , life has given me numerous opportunities to interact with people from various cultures and professions , especially during train journeys. Some people usually give a good company , chattering with the same frequency as me. Some still prefer to stay in their cocoon ,  well concealed in their own worlds , fearing us as though we would churn out all family secrets from them.
Needless to say the ones who did give a good company , still rule my memory. A decade ago we were accustomed to travelling long routes from Chandigarh to Kanyakumari and again a decade back from Dibrugarh (Assam) to Chennai. It would roughly take us 2-3 days to reach our final destination. Back then there was no Facebook or WhatsApp for time pass.  Well two decades back even mobile phones were a distant dream. The only way to wail away time was to make new friends on our journeys.


This train traverses almost seven states...

Once we met Mr.Ashok on Dehradun Express , who was a manager in a pharmaceutical company near Shimla. Since there was no direct train from Chennai to Shimla , he would break his journey in Chandigarh. He had a good sense of humour and had a close resemblance with one of my dad’s friend in terms of appearance and body language. At the end of our journey we had exchanged phone numbers just in case if there was a chance to meet in future. It so happened that Mr.Ashok happened to visit Chandigarh after two months of our meeting. He rang up and asked about our whereabouts. It was a wonderful meeting with his family who joined us for lunch later that day. This incident took place in the year 2005, more than a decade ago. Mrs.Ashok was equally delighted to interact with us, as no one in her locality(near Shimla) spoke Tamil.☺
Another interesting thing that happened was , we met a family during one of our journeys to Dibrugarh(Assam). They boarded the train in Kharagpur. The most peculiar thing about them was that the mother and daughter in the family had a habit of getting down at every station and taste the local quisine which was famous in that region. There was hardly a station in between ,which their taste buds had spared. They too were an entertainment throughout. After a year we were coming back to our hometown in the same for summer vacation. And what a surprise OMG😂😂 the same family landed in our coach, boarding from Kharagpur.


I made sure to taste all the local delicacies in stations after getting inspired from the duo😋

In Tamil Nadu Express once we had a brother and sister, duo in their early forties going to see their ailing mother, who was in a critical state in hospital. Both of them were constantly praying for her speedy recovery. Calls were disturbing the brother throughout the journey. His sister went to the washroom when he told us that his mother had expired , the news coming from his last call. A tear rolled out his eye which he quickly wiped away. His sister came back and he was pretending as if nothing happened. The next morning when all us were getting down he told us, ‘I cannot handle her alone and don’t have the courage to tell her the truth. Don’t know what’s gonna happen now.’ Terrible situation really:'(
Even when I get to travel alone , I thoroughly enjoy the company of senior citizens;) It’s true they pierce our ears with advice but I won’t deny some core issues on which they enlightened me. Some of them being the importance of casting our vote in elections, the pathetic state of engineering students and their blurred future(myself falling in that category unfortunately)😤, being obedient to parents, politics😩 and keeping aims high. Fiction books and WhatsApp get aside when I get such people to chat along.


One train == Many stories

I’ll keep you posted on more travel tales in #2. Hope you enjoyed reading.☺

Disclaimer: Names of people have been changed for privacy.