Neelambari’s Choice

Disclaimer: Strictly for Padayappa fans !! or Neelambari fans!! Just a sneak peek into Neelambari’s after life


“Avan vazhi, epavumae thani vazhi”

I never regretted the choice I made. He was still the best I could ever get. The brave-heart who causally held a six foot long snake and stole my heart. I grew fond of his aggressiveness, his  valor, his voice and his STYLE. The man of my desire, he was , best of the best, the complete man. Prince of my dreams, maestro of my mind and the controller of my thoughts. I just couldn’t resist thinking about him. Lost I was in lust. He was only mine. No one had the right to have him.

Our challenging challenge – our duet in my brother’s engagement – the sheer taste of him when my lips touched his cheek – are all memories etched deep in my heart. Unforgettable they were and will be. The simple STYLE he has and the powerful WORDS he spoke still ring in my ears.

I could only be the perfect match to his qualification and handsomeness, but blinded he was behind that illiterate maid of mine, who stole him from my life. Still couldn’t console myself that why a man of his intelligence would go after an innocent faced dumb girl like Vasundhara leaving a fine danseuse like me. She just shattered my life with him. Lucky she was, in escaping death twice from fate’s clutches.

We could have sung together, danced together, enjoyed the best of a lifetime – together. He forced me into destroying his life by rejecting me and choosing that servant girl over me; It was he who killed my father and provoked my anger. Anger which burst out eventually causing all the pandemonium.


He will always be mine. Only mine.

By now he might have become an old grandpa. Old but handsome with the same mighty voice. So what if I nearly lost to him in one life. I just did not give up, following my ethics. I never compromised, even to the slightest. I have more lives to go – and in my next life I will be Mrs. Neelambari Padayappa. Nothing stops me from achieving him by winning his heart.

“Indha Neelambari nenachaa nichayama mudiyum!!”


PS: For the Jodi post Asha Sunil and I picked the female point of view in lost love as our theme. Check out her post at Jessie’s Choice

PPS: This post is written for the ‘love theme‘ contest by The Chennai Bloggers Club in association with woodooz and Indian Superheroes .