Neelambari’s Choice

Disclaimer: Strictly for Padayappa fans !! or Neelambari fans!! Just a sneak peek into Neelambari’s after life


“Avan vazhi, epavumae thani vazhi”

I never regretted the choice I made. He was still the best I could ever get. The brave-heart who causally held a six foot long snake and stole my heart. I grew fond of his aggressiveness, his  valor, his voice and his STYLE. The man of my desire, he was , best of the best, the complete man. Prince of my dreams, maestro of my mind and the controller of my thoughts. I just couldn’t resist thinking about him. Lost I was in lust. He was only mine. No one had the right to have him.

Our challenging challenge – our duet in my brother’s engagement – the sheer taste of him when my lips touched his cheek – are all memories etched deep in my heart. Unforgettable they were and will be. The simple STYLE he has and the powerful WORDS he spoke still ring in my ears.

I could only be the perfect match to his qualification and handsomeness, but blinded he was behind that illiterate maid of mine, who stole him from my life. Still couldn’t console myself that why a man of his intelligence would go after an innocent faced dumb girl like Vasundhara leaving a fine danseuse like me. She just shattered my life with him. Lucky she was, in escaping death twice from fate’s clutches.

We could have sung together, danced together, enjoyed the best of a lifetime – together. He forced me into destroying his life by rejecting me and choosing that servant girl over me; It was he who killed my father and provoked my anger. Anger which burst out eventually causing all the pandemonium.


He will always be mine. Only mine.

By now he might have become an old grandpa. Old but handsome with the same mighty voice. So what if I nearly lost to him in one life. I just did not give up, following my ethics. I never compromised, even to the slightest. I have more lives to go – and in my next life I will be Mrs. Neelambari Padayappa. Nothing stops me from achieving him by winning his heart.

“Indha Neelambari nenachaa nichayama mudiyum!!”


PS: For the Jodi post Asha Sunil and I picked the female point of view in lost love as our theme. Check out her post at Jessie’s Choice

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✨MAGIC is Might✨

  Eight movies, seven books, four houses, three friends, two sides and one destiny. A story that popped up in the mind of a struggling writer during her train journey. A single mother who transformed to a billionaire author. An imaginary world which made us believe in magic. Hope your mind has registered the theme by now 😜

The world of witchcraft and wizardry came alive with Joanne Kathleen Rowling’s Harry Potter series. He was indeed the boy who lived and still lives. As for us(90’s kids) we almost grew up along with him.

The magical SAGA!!

In all the series so far it’s the hero who has super powers and talented in every aspect, and villains are only hungry for power alone. But the uniqueness of this magical series lies in it’s choice of villain. Here we have Tom Marvolo Riddle a.k.a. Lord Voldemort, a highly qualified talented wizard who turns a baddie boasting his dark arts abilities. The maven till date remains a super villain amongst the very many fantasies I’ve come across. Young Tom was a chocolate boy during his school days, but the bloke lost his nose and got a snake like look in the later part of the novel. Adding so many feathers in the villain’s hat, JRo contrarily chose a young not-so-handsome misfit wizard as the protagonist. 

Battle of the Best!!

The Sorting Hat’s decision to put Harry into Slytherin just slipped away in the split of a second taking Harry’s own choice into consideration. But what if it did do that? A golden trio of Harry, Draco and Pansy. A powerful Slytherin quidditch team. Everyone hailing Slytherin and dumping off Gryffindor. Harry and Voldemort strengthening the connection between them and increasing their followers. Again the one question that remains hypothetical would be Snape’s attitude towards Harry. Better eye contacts. Definitely the degree of shrewdness would have gone mild and we would have missed few hilarious conversations. 

Imagine Draco and Pansy😂

Throughout the series we witnessed the death of many characters who played a vital role . Sirius, Albus, Dobby, Severus, Fred and Lupin all of them left us mourning. Despite the sentiment, the death of Tom was grieved the most I assume, neatly wrapping up the entire plot , fixing up the entire jig saw puzzle of the prophecy, the Chosen One, twin wands and horcruxes. The unbelievable twist, Snape gave us in the last part made him a hero. 

A discussion with few Potterheads gave me insights on how an alternative ending could have been. Ron willingly helps Peter as Scabbers; when Voldemort brings Harry’s body to Hogwarts after the battle, Ron becomes the first one to declare his allegiance to him. Harry agonised on hearing this, jumps back to life cursing Ron to death. Voldemort is defeated and Harry lives happily with Hermione, marrying her(ending Ginny’s quest). Another one went like Harry and Voldemort both of them dying together with their wands destroyed. Neville killing Nagini and claiming The Chosen One title in the end. No doubt that JRo’s ending still remains the best. 

Boys, if you still want more reasons to like Harry Potter, I suggest you watch the movies and just concentrate on Emma Watson😍

P. S. This post is a magical compilation of ideas proposed by few wizards and witches. Muggles , welcome to our world!! 🌟✨Magic is Might✨🌟

Warcraft – Review 

GENRE: Fantasy                                                 

   To be very frank this was not the movie we had planned to watch at all. Unfortunately there was a kid in our lot and the movie we wanted to watch was not for all the audiences. So for that particular time only WarCraft was left for us to go. Another reason we watched it was for IMAX 😉. This is my first ever movie review.All criticisms are welcome. Coming to the movie now. If you have ever watched Harry Potter series, Lord of the Rings trilogy, Chronicles of Narnia, Baahubali or Game of Thrones TV series, I would not recommend you to watch this movie because you won’t find anything interesting or new. However if you have never seen any of them listed before, then Warcraft(3D preferred )will be a real treat for you. The movie revolves around two different worlds who fight for the same destiny. One of those worlds is that of Homo sapiens and the other world is an imaginary one. There are good people on the bad side and bad people on the good side as well. The movie is a fair combo of different elements of fantasy. It would have been better though, if there was a major twist had occurred somewhere. A predictable tale throughout ,though the climax went a bit unexpected. I still feel there will be more to watch in the sequel(if there is one) because the plot was left incomplete. It was highly packed with action, animation and few good looking characters. Small kids might get frightened seeing the muscles of old Gul’dan, the badass. It took a long time to conclude , on which side exactly, the guardian Medivh’s loyalty rested. And there was one phenomenal scene which I have never witnessed in any movie so far. The queen was in full make up, beaming with pride on the King’s funeral(trust me she showed no signs of remorse). I bet she has a new husband coming up in Warcraft-2 😛 last scene was my personal favourite and exceptionally adorable 😊 Cant reveal why coz you gotta watch it 😛On the whole Warcraft gets a 2.25/5.

Maleficent horns removed from beasty Vikram in the movie ‘I’