Valentine’s day 2017

This time it was in Old Delhi !!!

Chole + Amla + Bhature. Too hungry to even capture it.


The menu looks long but they serve only Chole Bhature. Quaint but delicious food.


From Sadar Bazaar to Nayi Galli. Fellow valentines sitting at my back. First time shared the drivers seat, and we knocked away just three pedestrians!!




The migratory street food of Old Delhi : Daulat ki chaat !! Pseudo bucket list  


P.S. Crowd did not permit us to take pics of falooda and chaat. On an average we were pushed along the roads about 30-40 times. You will end up shopping things which you did not intend to buy. And of course you will overeat drooling over street food.


The conflict of words or worlds?

Most of us in India are used to knowing more than one language fluently, English being one and a native or a regional language being the other. Some of us who grow up shifting after every few years, learn more than two languages. I reiterate my point here, we learn more than two languages. This learning does not comprise knowing reading, writing or comprehending the language well, it could just be knowing any one of the three verticals well.

I just came back from my critical writing class today, where  we had to give feedback to our peers on the reflection pieces which were written after reading Jhumpa Lahiri’s ‘In Other Words’. The book was written in Italian, a language Lahiri learnt, simply because she loved it and wanted to write a book in it. Assuming that I and only few more people in my class would have troubled minds, being familiar with more than four languages, I found out that knowing even two languages could be difficult after a feedback session. Our mind speaks one language and tongue another depending on the place we are. Parents might speak the native tongue, teachers speak the professional tongue and our friends delight us with colloquial.

How much control does language have in the way we think and act? Which language helps us to reflect deep within us, our thoughts and desires?

Several voices talk lout loud within us, (some in our heads, some around us and the others in the hearts), and there are some, which we barely listen to. The feeble ones are the powerful voices, which we keep hearing again and again, yet choose to ignore. One never realizes its importance, because it is not loud enough. The loud voices are not even ours, but someone else’s whom we hear and choose to follow.

How often do we dump the feeble voice, which possibly can be our own, trying to convey just the right choice, which makes us happy instead of making the people around us happy?



“How my life changed since I started writing/blogging”

 A mischievous school life. Some fun loving friends. Cool parents. Life was at its best when our protagonist was twelve. Her parents were avid readers of fiction, but she never read anything beyond fairy tales. Perhaps her interest was not reading alone. She wanted to explore the world beyond that. She loved roaming out in the corridors when classes were going. Basketball was her love, though she was not good at it. The world of writing never bothered her much. In another stint of remaining truant from class, she decided to participate in a creative writing contest. Most of her friends had come prepared for it, unlike her whose solo motive was to bunk the maths class. She chose to write a funny poem about her mother, with crazy rhyming words to pass time. Two weeks later, when the results of the contest were announced, it was a shock to everyone, especially the third prize. Because it was our protagonist who had won it. And that was how everything began.

A year later in 2006, she started contributing her writings to a children’s magazine called Gokulam, who used to send back, up to Rs. 50 for each of her contributions. The first time her article got published, a postman came to her school to deliver a small certificate and Rs. 15 to her. He could have gone away after giving it to her, but he stayed back for around 20 minutes giving her a short motivational speech. He spoke about great writers, religious texts and how writing changes many things in life for some. The spark that a stranger ignited in the kid that day, remains lit even now!!

There was no stooping after that, more laurels poured in the later years. Her essay received a commendable certificate from the editor of a leading national magazine twice. It was her dream to write a book. A lifetime wish, not to achieve fame, or earn money, but only for herself. To bring out a story, that remains evergreen, whose characters never get old, like those of Ruskin Bond or make you believe in magic like J. K. Rowling. Several attempts were made by her, to begin a book; but the conclusion was, that this was not the story her heart wanted to jolt down.

Now it was time to scribble. Just scribble random thoughts. And some peers were needed to read and enjoy her scribbles. That’s when she created her blog. It picked up really well with social media helping to get the audience for her blog. Her school teachers, college mates, school mates, family friends and relatives; everyone loves the simplistic way of her writing. Every time a blog was published, it made her more and more conscious about her audience and way of writing. She did not restrict her blogs to one particular genre, from food to travel to school life to fiction to daily inspirations.

Each blog post, is a trial run for something new and a result of small improvement from the previous piece. Now she is a part of Chennai’s biggest blogging community, which helps her to keep the blog active.

Cute appreciation from her friends and juniors, inspiring messages from teachers and uncles push her forward to bring out good quality of simple writing.

Her quest to write a book, is still on, for she will fulfil it soon!!

The ‘she’ is ‘me’ here (:

P.S. This is my entry to the Sweek contest with #ChennaiBloggersClub 



Disclaimer: This post is not a review of the movie. Just a viewpoint 🙂

It is highly unusual of me to finish an assignment 24 hours prior to the actual submission date. Unfortunately today I have😜 and watched the much hyped KABALI starring Super Star🌟 in Delhi that too. I am not a fan of Thalaivar, though his films like Padayappa and Sivaji the Boss are my all time favorites. Unlike his other movies which were a combo of entertainment and drama, this movie turns out to be an astonishment. It’s just 100% of pure class. 2 Hours and 33 Minutes of pure Rajinimania.


This is the best of Rajinikanth you will ever get to watch. No wonder he is the unbeatable SUPER STAR of the film industry, the film is already smashing the collection records of all other Bollywood movies on the opening day itself. A role in which he fitted perfectly, to his age. No long duet songs with the female lead. No forceful jokes. Less supernatural effects. Precise and powerful dialogs (there is bit of uncertainty in the dubbed versions though.I just found it to be of less impact) To wrap it up in a sentence it’s just a story of a gangster presented in an EPIC way.

Neruppu Da worked quite well in getting goosebumps for its audience. SaNa simply nailed it. I did miss the home crowd today, thanks to our gang which filled up the void, helping me in keeping up the ambiance of the theater pumped up, when the classic scenes popped up. Needless to mention the Wonder Woman who stole our hearts with her performance(the lady don of course). Also the star cast of the movie, played their parts perfectly, though none of them is as popular as Rajinikanth.

I call her the Wonder Woman

Guess I am revealing too much now. It’s a great treat for fans, who might have watched over 3-4 shows by now. Leaking scenes of the movie online or pirating it; none of it really made a big difference. Kabali continues its reign the BO. No wonder if, the numbers reach the sky in the upcoming weeks.

People around the world are flaunting up saying it’s not much. I may not be much, but it’s still Rajnikanth🕴 He continues to rule, no matter how old he be. His style is invincible. Kabali remains his best performance after Padayappa and Sivaji the Boss. The ending still remains a big question mark and it’s buzzing in my brains since afternoon!! Happy that my first movie in Delhi was super awesome!!

Cheers to everyone who loved it #magizhchi #neruppudaw #kabali 

P.S. This is the shortest post of mine so far!!

P.P.S. I seriously can’t reveal more 😛

Beyond MARKS……

Sheetal Scribbles

Dear parents,

One by one all the educational boards across the country are shooting out results of higher secondary examinations and, it’s a stressful matter to cope up with because it’s you who freak out rather than your kids. In some boards achieving 95% might not suffice, whereas in others getting 75% itself is a mammoth task.The mad race for marks continues in our country even though, everyone knows that the people who changed the world were not toppers at school. For those who do not make to the expectations of their peers: This is not the end!!!

Exams are a wrong way to judge a person’s capabilities (not for all but for most of them). The one who comes first in class doesn’t come first in life too.

And one exam cannot decide your child’s future.  Marks are insufficient criteria to justify the latent talent in a student. The world looks up…

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